Stepping out to the light

15 years ago, when the society wasn't as accommodating as it is now, I came out to my family and my parents. I cannot explain my feelings then. All I can remember was how grateful I was for my parents to accept me for who I am. I know it's not easy for them to understand and for accept everything but I am thankful that everyone's patient enough to help one another. 

Last week, we MLA had the #PrideMarch. Even though my boyfriend and I weren't able to join, my heart was ecstatic as I check and follow all the updates that day. It was pure love. No definition. No explanations. Just LOVE. Which I supposed what it should be. As we walk towards acceptance and breaking the stigma, I personally felt like coming out nowadays isn't enough. We should come out and be responsible. Be responsible enough to break the stigma. Be responsible with all our actions and words that we say. Be responsible as we represent not only ourselves but the entire community. 

Let continue spreading …

The Cat is Out!

And it's official!

JB's coming back! This time in a bigger and better venue, The Philippine Arena! I love this venue because it draws people away from the metro. More chance of exploring what this side of Bulacan can offer. Plus the arena itself is sooooooo good! I've been to Philippine Arena couple of times and gurl! It did not disappoint!

See you beliebers!

Kapit lang sa traffic papasok ng venue 😬

Confessions of a Homewrecker

home·wreck·er ˈhōmˌrekər/ noun
informal a person who is blamed for the breakup of a marriage or family, especially due to having engaged in an affair with one member of a couple.
"I was accused of being a homewrecker"

kabit. third party. number 2. kerida. 

that was me a long time ago. 

i engaged myself to different type of relationships but the most exciting one is being a kabit. it gives you a certain feeling of victory and success to be part of an exclusive relationship and partnership. it makes you feel valuable, loved and prioritized. 

i loved how my partner sneak out from their respective partners just to be with me. i loved how they gave so much attention to me. i just cannot demand so much time from them because i still know who am in their lives. being a number 2 made me more feisty. i love stalking the originals. i love comparing myself to them and pointing out how better i am compared to them. 

Cloud 9.
that's how i felt whenever we go out. the idea of getting caught add…


v: eto yung para kang naiihi sa tuwa at kasabikan na hindi mapigilan. Bumibilis ang tibok ng puso at hindi maiwasang hindi mapangiti.

After almost 12 years, i finally met one of my favorite bands, Moonstar88! T'was surreal! Kinikilig ako! I've been a fan since college days na of course i will not mention when. Haha!

Their songs survived all the pop music that came aling their way maybe because their songs feels like  their talking straight to your heart. That nostalgic beat of Migraine and painful lyrics of Sulat made me tear eyed, every freakin' time.

I am a sucker for this type of music. It feels liberating. They gave voice to people like me who kept numb about a lot of things.

Dear moonstar88, please continue to make good songs and music. ❤️

revived. beating. alive.

i'm back to life. or should i say, i died again? whatever it is, it is somehow a relief that i was able to revive this site.
let's start talking. :)

Double Single

Wala.naman akong issue sa pagiging single. Natutunan ko nang tanggapin na bibihira na lang talaga ang matatagpuan mo na seryoso. Madalas, ang makikita mo yung mga hunyango. Yun puro ningas kugon lang. Sa simula lang magaling at pag nakuhan na ang gusto nila, biglang magbabago hanggang mawala na. Paulit ulit na lang. Nakakasawa. Mahigit kumulang 4 na taon na kong single. Oo. 4 years. Imposible? Hinde. 4 na taon na ang nakakaraan mula ng makaramdaman ako na minahal ako talaga. Na hindi ako ginamit lang o kung ano pa man. Sa loob ng apat na taon, may mangilan ngilan din akong nilabas. Nakipagkilala. Nakipagtawanan. Ilang pelikula din ang napanuod ko. Ilang kainan din ang napagdaanan ko. Ilang lugar na napuntahan at luhang iniwanan. Dahil sa mga natutunan ko sa mga dati kong ka relasyon, naging mas maingat ako sa pagpili. Madalas bigo ako pero masasabi ko na naman na hangga't maari, ayoko na gawin yung mga dati kong pagkakamali. Kung may nakita ako na hindi maayos o hindi ko gusto, si…